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Airweave Review

About Airweave

Airweave was created by Motokuni Takaoka when he took over his uncle’s fishing line company. So how does one go from that to creating one of the leading mattresses in the industry? Takaoka employed his engineering background and discovered he could use the resin fiber in fishing lines to revolutionize sleep products and has been doing exactly that since 2007.

airweave mattress
Airweave Mattress

What's unique

The Airweave mattresses are extremely unique in that they are made up of completely proprietary materials, forgoing the now well-known memory foam and coil options. They became fast favorites among athletes, which isn’t surprising as they have been hailed as the best mattress for spine alignment. Airweave is also very eco-friendly as they are composed of recycled materials. They offer a variety of products including several mattresses and mattress enhancers, along with a myriad of supplementary products such as a portable travel mattress topper, blankets, duvets, and cushions.

The Mattress

Airweave offer 2 full mattress options, a futon option, and a topper. The mattresses are on the firmer side and aim to provide more extensive support and weight distribution through their proprietary airfiber technology which is at the core of all their products. Through its interwoven design, airfiber allows airflow and support so that you can move around easily with minimal motion transfer.

The original Airweave mattress is 8.5 inches and is compatible with almost any bed frame. It is also the first mattress that is completely washable. They have now also released their new Airweave mattress advanced which is customizable with an optional soft layer and features dual mode technology. Another option is the Airweave futon which can be used on its own or even as a mattress topper, so you get the comfort and advanced support of the airfiber technology. Finally, there is the Airweave top mattress, that you can simply place on top of any mattress and still enjoy the full benefits of their advanced technology and a deeper night’s rest. This was the original product that drove Japan wild.


  • Variety of products
  • Unique technology
  • Free shipping and returns


  • Longer shipping times
  • Limited warranty
  • Additional charge for white glove delivery

Shipping, Returns, and Warranty

Airweave offer free shipping everywhere in the US except Alaska and Hawaii which they do not deliver to. As the product is made in Japan, it takes a bit longer for delivery to arrive. On average, packages ship out within about 6 days and take about 14 business days to arrive. There is an optional white glove delivery service for a mere $40.  The Airweave mattress, Top mattress, Portable, and Ritz Paris collection all have a 100-day trial, and returns are free after the first 30 days. The Airweave mattress also comes with a limited 10-year warranty, and the Portable, Traveler, Futon, and Top Mattress have 3-year limited warranties