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Aslan Review

The Aslan Mattress Full Review

Aslan mattress is no stranger to the online mattress industry. Their owner was designing mattresses for online sale since 2006, before we had iPhones! Hard to imagine life before iPhones, right?! With over a decade of experience and mattress development Aslan was founded for one purpose – to offer the most comfortable, durable mattress at the best price possible. This is very obvious once you try one out. Aslan uses only USA made CertiPUR-US® certified foam to ensure there is no off-gassing and that they are responsibly made. Aslan maintains a near perfect 5 star review rating since their start and offers a full 365 Night Trial, Free Returns, Infinite Warranty, and one of the best prices (if not the best) in the luxury sleep category.


What's unique about Aslan

Aslan is the only mattress company that offers a true 365 night, risk free trial on a mattress that exclusively uses USA made foam. When interviewed, they indicated this was possible because of their very low return rate and the amazing comfort and quality of the foam. Each batch of their foam is tested for durability, and comfort BEFORE being used in the mattress core. Only foam made to strict specification can be used in the mattress. They sale direct to consumer and there is no middle man. Grassroots growth has allowed Aslan to avoid heavy overhead costs involved with marketing, celebrity/doctor endorsements, hired models, and plant property, & equipment. When you buy an Aslan mattress you are only paying for one thing- a high quality mattress that is the result of years of development and testing.

Aslan Mattress Design

The Aslan mattress is an exclusive design that uses three foam layers that provide three distinct benefits – comfort, transition, and active support for your spine. The top layer uses the newest and most advanced foam technology- memory foam infused with beaded GEL & phase change material (the stuff made for space suits) to help regulate body temperature. The middle layer is next generation memory foam that reacts to body heat and allows for smooth transition to the support foam that reduces pressure points and allows the mattress to actively ‘adjust’ to the person’s body. This layer allows it to work for all body types and sleep positions by providing support or comfort where needed. The mattress is very comfortable, yet very supportive at the same time. We like that it rebounds quickly meaning when we rolled over there wasn’t a hole to slide back into like some mattresses we have tested. Much to our surprise, it did not off-gas when we opened it. It was ready to sleep on as soon as we got the plastic off of it. Overall, a very pleasant experience with a well designed product.

aslan mattress design

A Higher Purpose

Aslan’s mission statement is unique in that it fosters a spirit of social responsibility. When we inquired about this, the owner said there were big plans in the future for a charity called the Aslan Foundation that he hopes to fully launch by the end of 2019. While details are not hashed out, it will focus on three problems they are passionate about solving- children in poverty, military families in need, and domestic missions for natural disasters and other unexpected times of need