Beds for Sale


Beds for Sale: Your Guide to Online Shopping

Interested in buying a new bed? Lucky you, we’ve just entered the “Golden Age” of online bed shopping, giving you a superior shopping experience, better value, and of course, the good night’s sleep you deserve!

Hassle-Free Beds for Sale

Online bed retailers offer every type of mattress, cover, frame or base that exist today, without hassling you with salespeople or the mark-up brought on by the cost of brick-and-mortar stores. This means that you can find any bed you’d like, and it will be delivered directly to you, warranty and generous time-trials included. How do we know it works? A recent poll has shown that customer satisfaction scores for online and offline bed shopping are the same, so you can expect a shopping experience on-par with the very best the retail world has to offer.

Quality of Mattress

First and foremost, pricing depends on the make and model of the bed, including special features or materials baked-in. Generally speaking though, you can expect to find significantly better deals online when it comes to beds, sometimes resulting in 25-50% in savings when compared to brick-and-mortar retail. This also means that you can afford a higher-quality mattress that’s made out of more expensive materials, all thanks to huge popularity of online bed shopping. You can also use this chance to get yourself a mattress topper  to boost your comfort and make your bed even more inviting (not to be confused with a mattress cover.

Returning a Bed

Your satisfaction is the most important part about buying a new bed. But if we’re being honest, you’re more likely to make an informed decision without trying a mattress in-store, and here’s why: Beds for sale online offer very generous trial periods, in some cases up to a year (depending on the brand), to let you make sure that your bed is perfect for you. Compare that to a 15-minute trial you’ll get at a regular store, and you’ll begin to understand why online mattress shopping’s popularity has skyrocketed.

Extended Warranty Periods 

It turns out that if you’re looking for beds for sale that include generous long-term warranties, online is the way to go. A quick survey will show that online-focused mattress makers, for example, are far more likely to offer a life-time warranty, giving you incredible value while scoring bug savings.

The Bottom Line

Thanks to the convenience, value and great warranty options, buying a bed has never been easier. The first step is to find the right size mattress for you – is it a Twin mattress or queen mattress, or even bigger?