Casper King Mattress Review

Casper King Mattress Review1

Casper has slowly but surely become one of the most popular brands of mattresses since its inception back in 2014, making everyone wonder if they’ve been sleeping wrong all this time. This has been especially true of online mattress shopping, where the company made a name for itself as a mattress you can trust enough to order online. What is it about the Casper mattress that brought it to the forefront of the mattress industry? Looking back at previous Casper mattresses, it was an effective blend of a well-crafted and high-quality mattress and a very cheeky promotional campaign that helped Casper make a big impact. But does the same hold true with today’s Casper mattress? Let’s find out if it’s still one of the best mattresses you can buy today!

Casper King Mattress Composition

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Like many modern mattresses, the Casper mattress makes use of distinct layers to produce support and comfort. The mattress itself is 12” thick and is composed of 4 layers. The layers are made of high-quality materials, including latex, memory foam and high-density polyfoam. In addition to these layers, the Casper mattress includes a layer titled “Zoned Support”, which is essentially different levels of support and relief for different parts of the body. The next section will cover the various layers in the Casper mattress, from the bottom up, and may get a bit more technical. However, it will be of great help in making an informed decision on whether the Casper mattress is for you.


  • Base – This is the base layer of the Casper mattress, made of a heavy-duty polyfoam that forms the base of support for the rest of the mattress. You don’t have to use a spring box
  • Zoned Polyfoam Layer – This where things start to get very interesting with the Casper mattress. Here, we have a special layer that’s divided into different sections along the mattress. Each section offers subtly different levels of firmness and support. They are adapted specifically for the body part most likely to be above each zone of the mattress. Specifically, there are two types of foam, one softer and the other firmer. The mattress zones are softer at the top to support your neck and shoulders, and firmer in the middle-bottom to give you more support at your hips. This is one of the standout features of this mattress.
  • Contour Layer – The next layer is the contour layer. This layer is made of a type of memory foam that’s slower to respond to pressure, allowing the mattress to truly adapt to your body’s contour together with the upper layers. This layer is the reason why the Casper mattress can achieve the good kind of mattress sinkage (meaning it’s reversible). It’s also important to note this layer’s positioning. With the Comfort Layer separating your body from it, you won’t have to worry about its tendency to trap excess heat. Generally speaking, the Casper mattress is known to be very cool, likely thanks to this type of mattress construction.
  • Comfort Layer – The comfort layer is designed to react quickly to your body and maintain low temperatures, giving the Casper mattress a bouncy, cool and overall responsive type of comfort. However, this layer is made of open-cell foam rather than latex, allowing increased airflow within the mattress. This makes the Casper exceptionally cool, even if you’re a hot sleeper.
  • Cover Layer – It’s great that Casper includes a mattress cover in the package. This cover is a soft polyester blend that will protect your mattress, increase its life-span and reduce smells. Whenever you need to have it washed, just unzip it, throw it in the washing machine, and put it back.


All of these layers work together to offer excellent support. However, since these are various foams, plastics, and latex, it’s important to make sure that the materials that make up these layers are safe for in the long-term. Most people spend around a third of their lives in bed, so you definitely want to maintain a clean environment. Luckily, the Casper mattress is certified by CertiPUR-US, meaning that the mattress tested negative for harmful ozone-depleting materials, toxic flame retardants, mercury or other heavy metals, formaldehyde or regulated phthalates.

Casper King Mattress Firmness

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Generally speaking, the Casper is slightly firmer than the average mattress, earning it a firmness score of 6.5, compared to an average of 6 among other mattress makers. This means that your preferences play a key role in determining whether the Casper is indeed your type of mattress. However, it’s also important to consider the zoned support feature of the Casper mattress. Depending on where you place your body on the mattress, you’ll get a different reaction from the different zones. If you want even more support and a firmer feeling, you can move a bit and get that. This is a great feature for a mattress, even though we imagine that the Casper engineers envisioned us sleeping according to their own design of the different zones.

How long will a Casper mattress last?

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We found the Casper mattress to be an excellent mattress. Since it’s a bit on the firmer side, it’s great for side-sleepers or people that suffer from back pain. Furthermore, the coolness of the mattress in comparison to others is undeniable, making for an exceptionally cool good night’s sleep. Moving around during the night is especially fun on the Casper because you can find entirely new positions thanks to the zoned polyfoam layer. Overall, we found the Casper to offer a great sleeping experience we can easily recommend.

Casper King Mattress Shipping and Unboxing

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After placing your order, your Casper mattress will be shipped within 1-2 business days along with a UPS tracking number. Like other mattresses sold online, the Casper is compressed prior to shipping in order to reduce the cost of delivering it to you. However, this also means that you’ll have to wait a bit for it to expand.

Casper’s Trial Period

Casper offers an impressive 100-night trial period for its mattress, giving you plenty of time to form your opinion on it, pressure-free.


Casper’s Warranty

Casper offers 10 years of warranty on your mattress. This isn’t the longest warranty period, but it’s definitely above average.

Final Score: 9.1/10

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The Casper is one of our most favored King mattresses of today. It offers great comfort thanks to its multi-layered composition and is especially good for back pain. It also includes excellent trial and warranty programs, so you’ll never be stuck with a mattress you don’t absolutely love.