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Casper Mattresses Review

About Casper Mattresses

Casper have created a very respected and well-known name for themselves in the industry. The company have won many awards, including “One of the 25 best inventions of 2015” by Time and “2018 Lab Pick” by Good Housekeeping. They have also teamed up with American Airlines to create a sleep line that will deliver the comforts of the Casper sleep from home to the cabin.

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What's unique

Casper’s approach to the world of sleep is one of simplification. It was their view that with the over saturation of options that bombard customers, the right thinking was to create one all-encompassing mattress that offered a complete solution and that’s what they did. However, Casper’s engineers are constantly experimenting to discover new sleep advancements, and as they find them, they have incorporated them into new versions of their vision. They now have 3 mattress options on their website, alongside a variety of supplementary products. Their latest mattresses, “The Wave”  and “The Casper” have achieved something that very few have even attempted- changing materials throughout the mattress. The thinking behind this is that different parts of our body need different support and so the mattress is designed to match each part of our body just right for perfect alignment.

The Mattress

Casper offer 3 distinct mattresses, each more advanced than the last.

The Essential: an 8.5-inch 3-layer mattress made up of Hybrid foam which allows breathability, support, and bounce. This is the most basic of their 3 designs.

The Casper: This 10-inch mattress is made up of 4 layers. As with the Essential, it has hybrid foam construction and open cell foams but here they also added a layer of high density memory foam, a transition layer for added comfort, and of course, the revolutionary Zoned Support which helps alignment by being firmer under your hips and softer under your shoulders.

The Wave: This is their latest model and also boasts their most advanced features. Coming in at 11.5 inches, the Wave consists of 5 layers. In addition to the what they offer in the Casper, here they have an even more advanced version of the zoned support in Hyper-Targeted Support which targets 36 specific points. There is also a hypersensitive top layer and enhance ergonomic spinal alignment.


  • Affordably priced
  • 120-night trial
  • Great Spine Support
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Cooling Effect
  • Free shipping and returns


  • One set firmness option
  • In home setup delivery charge
  • Can’t be flipped

Shipping, Returns, and Warranty

Casper offer completely free shipping and also have an optional In-Home delivery and setup option with mattress removal available for $75 in most areas. Customers can take advantage of a 100-night trial and get a full refund if they decide to return the mattress. There is also a 10-year limited warranty on all 3 of the Casper mattresses