Casper Pillow Review: Is It Really Worth It?

Casper Pillow Review1

Casper has topped the online mattress sales charts thanks to its excellent value and impeccable mattress design we’ve already taken note of in the past. Now, with Casper’s foray into pillows, many are wondering if we can expect the same kind of quality and space-age materials helping us through the night. Importantly, many of us, who suffer from back and neck pains, are very interested in finding out whether the Casper Pillow is worth the asking price. Let’s find out!

Who Needs the Casper Pillow?

As many of you already know, a worthy pillow is hard to come by. This is an often-overlooked aspect of the sleeping experience that many people treat as an afterthought. While most people readily place great importance on the mattress itself when they think about the quality of their sleep, the truth is that your pillow plays a huge role in your comfort and in the likelihood of you getting pesky neck or back pains. After all, the pillow is what holds your head in place, impacting dozens of muscles and ligaments in your back and neck. Moreover, your pillow can affect your posture, which over time, will have a significant effect on your quality of life. For these reasons, we want to make sure we’re sleeping on a worthy pillow. Is the Casper Pillow the one for you?

Technical Details

Casper Pillow Review2

The first thing to take note of is the pillow’s filling, which is a polyester microfiber fill. Its loft is adjustable and it supports all comfort positions. Casper offers a three-year warranty for their pillow.

The Casper Pillow stands out in terms of how it’s designed and constructed. First, this is an innovative pillow-in-a-pillow design, with the inner pillow offering extensive support while the outer pillow gives you all the fluff and comfort you’d expect from a premium pillow. This is achieved by using different lengths of microfiber in each of the pillows, giving you a lot of space to find the perfect sleeping position for your preference. The pillow also includes a gusset, which is the backbone of the pillow found on the sides. This component is designed to maintain better neck alignment during the night while also ensuring the pillow’s fill is evenly distributed. Like its mattresses, the Casper pillow is covered by a 100% cotton layer with a breathable percale weave for extra airflow that performs a similar function to that of a mattress cover. This allows the pillow to stay cool during hotter nights, which is a very welcome feature.

What’s the Benefit of the Casper’s Pillow-in-a-Pillow design?

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According to Casper, the idea behind this design is to make the pillow meet the requirements of more sleepers by giving you more options for finding your sweet spot. If you are a combination sleeper, you’ll probably want a more versatile pillow that will have sufficient thickness and support to excel in multiple sleeping positions. If you like to sleep on your back or stomach, you’ll probably like thinner pillows, while side sleepers benefit from more head and neck support. The dual pillows make it easier to adjust the Casper pillow to fit your sleeping habits, even if you change positions frequently during the night.

How Is the Casper Pillow’s Size?

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The Casper pillow is available in both standard (18 x 26 inches) and king (18 x 34 inches) sizes. As we’ve previously mentioned, the Casper pillow is actually made of two separate pillows. Both inner pillows measure at the same size (either standard or king-size, depending on your order) and include a full 2-inch gusset for maximum neck support. While these are standard sizes for pillows, it’s important to make sure they match your pillowcases.

Is the Casper Pillow’s Filling High Quality?

Casper Pillow Review5

Yes. The Casper pillow uses polyester fibers as filling, using the fibers’ natural properties to achieve excellent support and comfort. The first thing to remember is that these fibers increase the lifespan of your pillow thanks to their durability and ability to withstand compression. Unlike lesser materials used for pillow filling, these microfibers excel at withstanding compression forces without flattening out. At the same time, they’re washable, which is a huge benefit to consider here. The microfibers are also very thin, allowing for increased airflow even when putting significant pressure on the pillow during warmer nights. There’s also some thinking going into how each pillow is individually filled in order to create the best possible pillow. Instead of stuffing each of the pillows all at once, Casper opted for a cluster-by-cluster fill. This greatly improves the uniformity of the polyester microfibers and decreases the clumping found in lesser pillows. Overall, this gives the Casper a feeling that resembles high-quality feather fills, with the added benefit of increased durability and an instant bounce back into position after pressure is applied.

How Is the Casper Pillow for Neck or Back Pain?

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The Casper Pillow’s greatest strength is its versatility, allowing you to find comfort and support in whichever sleeping position you’d like. This is also what makes this pillow fit for back or neck pain. Sometimes, the smallest change or movement can mean the difference between comfort and great pain, and the Casper pillow helps you maintain a sleeping position very accurately. The double pillow design, with the inner, more dense filling, and the upper, fluffier filling, give you plenty of options in providing your neck with support wherever it is needed most. The pillow’s bounce back lessens the strain on your muscles and helps you enjoy your night by reducing discomfort.

Bottom Line

The Casper Pillow is the ideal match for your new mattress. It offers smart design choices and high-end microfiber filling to give you an experience more like a natural feather pillow but with all of the advantages of a microfiber filling, such odor, durability, and versatility. In the last few nights of testing the Casper pillow, we’ve come to understand how important your pillow really is in making sure you have a good night’s sleep. Like the Casper mattress, this clever pillow-in-a-pillow offers excellent value and comfort with a nice 3-year warranty.