Do I Need a Spring Box for My Nectar Mattress?

Do I Need a Spring Box for My Nectar Mattress 1

You’ve finally decided to get rid of that old mattress and get yourself a brand-new Nectar mattress. After all, everyone’s been talking about the Nectar since it started topping the online mattress charts and your old mattress just wasn’t giving you the support you needed.  The stains weren’t doing it any favors, either. But now that you’re making such a major upgrade, we’re faced with an entirely new question: will the Nectar mattress be enough on its own or do I need a spring box to put it on?

Do I Need a Spring Box for My Nectar Mattress 2

Unlike people, mattresses aren’t all created equal, as you’ve probably noticed by now. While the Nectar mattresses is indeed a very good and practical choice, it isn’t immediately clear if it requires a box spring. And if it’s optional, what advantages or disadvantages does it entail?

Is a Box Spring Required for a Nectar Mattress

No, it isn’t. While many mattresses rely on a box spring to offer the support they lack, the Nectar mattress was designed with a lot of modern thinking behind it. But what does that mean in practical terms? According to the brainiacs behind the Nectar mattress, the way that it’s constructed makes all the difference in the world. Instead of being just a simple mattress, the Nectar is composed of 5 special layers, each designed to offer a different type of support and adaptability to your body thanks to the physical properties of each of these space-age memory foams and gels. But what really seems to be getting people is how these layers combine to give a bit more support than you were expecting, but not less than what you really want. This is also the reason why people with back pain swear by the Nectar mattress and are its most dedicated fans out there. So again, a spring box isn’t required for the Nectar mattress.

Do I Need a Spring Box for My Nectar Mattress 3

Why Use a Spring Box?

Why Use a Spring Box?
There are a couple of reasons you might want to use a spring box with your Nectar mattress, even though it definitely isn’t a requirement.

1. The Extra Height
A lot of people enjoy a little elevation on their bed. It’s a great way to avoid all the creepy crawlers on the floor and is great for tall people who appreciate not having to squat down before getting in bed every night.

2. It Changes the Feel
This isn’t strictly an advantage, because this can also be a disadvantage in some cases. If you put the Nectar mattress on a spring box, the various layers’ support profile will be changed by the springs below. What do we mean? Suppose the memory foam of one of the Nectar’s layers is supposed to offer a support level of 5, for example. Putting the spring box below it means instead of getting pushed back a hard object, such as a regular bed base, it will be able to push back on the springs in the spring box. Now it will have a support of 4, if we stick to the example. To put it simply, it might make your mattress a little softer and it’s up to you whether you appreciate that or not.

Do I Need a Spring Box for My Nectar Mattress 5

The Bottom Line: Do I Need or Want a Spring Box?

Whichever type of base you want to use, whether it’s the floor, a divan, and adjustable base or a spring box, the Nectar mattress will work just fine. The only things you need to consider are whether you want the extra height or don’t mind changing the feel of the Nectar mattress slightly. You should be looking forward to enjoying a whole new world of sleep rather than worrying about this, because the Nectar mattress was engineered to work. Instead, you might want to consider a mattress cover in order to avoid those stains that made your last mattress look old.

Do I Need a Spring Box for My Nectar Mattress 6