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Dream Cloud Review

The Company

DreamCloud is a sister company to the well known and respected Nectar. This is the company’s answer to customers looking for the high-end experience without paying the Rockefeller price tag. The DreamCloud mattress has received rave reviews, and frankly, even if it hadn’t, DreamCloud eliminate the risk factors of online shopping with their 365-night trial and everlong warranty. Between the many positive customer reviews, the high quality materials, the scientific approach to comfort, and the excellent shipping, return, and warranty conditions, there really isn’t a downside to going for this mattress if it looks like the right fit for you.

What's unique

DreamCloud’s goal was to create a sleeping experience that defines 5-star luxury. As the name suggests, they have engineered their mattress to feel like you are settling into your very own cloud. They achieved this vision by creating a hybrid mattress. The hybrid offers the strong coil support many sleepers love with the comfortable and lush experience of memory foam. Their design is not only meant to give customers the best of all worlds in comfort but also in price, as the hybrid creation allows them to give a cloud-like experience with down to earth prices.

The Mattress

The DreamCloud mattress achieves its super-comfort through a careful composition of 8 separate layers. The first layer is a cashmere blend EuroTop cover that provides softness and breathability. The next layer is a gel-infused memory foam that adjust to your frame and supports is while also having a cooling effect. Layer 3 is made of memory foam that was specially designed for comfort and softness by using super soft quilting. Next comes layer 4, which is made up of natural latex. The premium latex is hypoallergenic and gives extra contouring bounce. Layer 5 is the supporting memory foam made of higher density to adjust itself to any position you sleep in. Next is yet another layer of memory foam but this time with both higher density and extreme softness. Layer 7 are their patent pending coils which work specifically to isolate movement. Finally, layer 8 is again the high density super soft memory foam, there to absorb movement and prevent transfer.

side sleeper mattress



  • Everlong warranty
  • White Glove shipping
  • 365-night trial


  • 15-inch height
  • On the firm side
  • Doesn’t fit all bed frames

Shipping, Returns, and Warranty

DreamCloud offer some of the best conditions on the market for shipping, returns, and warranty. They offer free white glove shipping, meaning they will deliver the mattress right to your door, set it up, and remove your old mattress. The mattress will be FedExed to you and arrive within 1-5 business days.  They don’t ship to Hawaii and Alaska, but anywhere else is free in the US. Outside the US, a delivery charge is added at checkout, but all returns are always free. DreamCloud allow a 365-night trial, one of the longest trials available, and additionally back up their comfort guarantee  with their everlong warranty, meaning you are covered for life.