How Long Will the Nectar Mattress Last?

How Long Will the Nectar Mattress Last 1

Mattresses are expected to last us a long time. After all, it’s not like you plan on changing one every year. But how long do they last exactly? It depends on the type of mattress, as well as the construction quality, but generally, they last 7-10 years and more. There are a number of specific signs that tell us if it’s time to change the mattress, but we want to know if the Nectar mattress will show these signs sooner or later when compared to other mattresses. Let’s find out!

Does the Nectar Mattress Sag?

Sagging is one of the more obvious signs that your mattress may be in need of a replacement. It’s easier to spot if you have a strong preference for one side of the bed over the other, as it will be less apparent in the lesser-used side. The major downside to mattress sagging is that it will no longer offer a flat and firm surface for you to sleep on and may feel uneven in certain sleep positions, especially if you haven’t slept often in these positions. Innerspring mattresses are especially prone to this issue, but memory foam mattresses, such as the Nectar are not entirely immune to it.

Luckily, the Nectar is constructed is a special multi-layered setup that offers plenty of firm support. The high-quality memory foams and gels are especially adept at matching your body’s shape but are of a high-quality that doesn’t lose its push over time. Thanks to these features, the Nectar mattress is expected to last longer than average.

How Long Will the Nectar Mattress Last 2

Does the Nectar Mattress Handle Stains and Smells?

Over time, messy accidents that occur on your bed are bound to happen, especially if a child has access to the bed or if your pets are allowed on it. The only real way to combat this problem is to use a mattress cover that protects the mattress from unwanted dirt and spillage.

When it comes to stains and smells, the Nectar mattress actually fairs better than most other mattresses thanks to an additional layer built from a breathable Tencel mattress cover. While you can expect the Nectar mattress to last longer than others in terms of dirt or smells thanks to its construction, using a dedicated mattress cover will further boost its lifespan.

How Long Will the Nectar Mattress Last 3

Does the Nectar Mattress form Lumps and Bumps?

One of the most annoying things that can happen to a mattress is the formation of lumps and bumps that make your favorite sleeping positions unbearable. If this has started happening on your old mattress, you’ll definitely want to consider upgrading to the Nectar mattress.

The Nectar mattress’s multi-layered construction is what makes it less prone to form annoying lumps and bumps. Thanks to its thick inner support core, topped by 3 additional high-quality memory foam layers, each with different physical properties, the Nectar is much more resistant to this form of wear when compared to other mattresses.

How Long Will the Nectar Mattress Last 4

Does the Nectar Mattress Cause Allergies or Asthma?

Your mattress is the last place you want to experience allergic reactions or asthma attacks, especially since this is where you’ll spend about a third of your life. The cause of these types of allergic reactions is mostly due to the materials from which the mattress is constructed and their deterioration over time. If it’s made from harmful materials or includes a high level of chemicals that are known to reduce air quality, you definitely want to stay away from the mattress. Luckily, we can resort to product health and safety certifications to ensure it doesn’t contain such materials.

The Nectar mattress is certified by CertiPUR-US, so it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals known to cause adverse reactions over long periods of exposure. The Nectar mattress doesn’t use materials that release ozone-depleting agents, toxic flame retardants, heavy metals, and phthalates.

How Long Will the Nectar Mattress Last 5

Does the Nectar Mattress Cause Back Pain?

back pain could be a major sign that you need to consider upgrading your mattress to something new. Ideally, we should strive for a mattress that doesn’t create any excessive pressure against our body, while still retaining a pleasant firmness that will support a good posture and keep our back pain away. While this could be due to personal preferences or unique circumstances, such as an old back injury rearing its head, mattresses that maintain proper support while still adapting to your body shape are far more likely to reduce back pain.

The Nectar mattress is rated at a firmness level of 6 out of 10, making it a medium to firm mattress. Combined with its memory foam and gel layers, and you get a mattress with great comfort and proper support. Over time, the Nectar mattress could reduce your back pain by helping you maintain a healthy posture as you sleep.

How Long Will the Nectar Mattress Last 6

How Long Will the Nectar Mattress Last?

It’s hard to give an exact answer to this question because there are many individual circumstances at play, such as your sleeping habits, whether you cover it or not, and even the climate around you. What can be done is to compare the Nectar to other mattresses and see if you can expect it to last longer, on average.

First, the Nectar mattress has a great way to fight sagginess, thanks to its multi-layered memory foam and gel layers. With multiple layers arranged together to act as one, there’s a smaller chance of sags forming on the Nectar mattress. These layers are also what make the Nectar mattress great at reducing the formation of annoying lumps and bumps. As mattresses age, they may begin to release harmful chemicals. The Nectar is certified to contain only non-toxic materials. Next, we have stains and smells. While the Nectar should outlast most other mattresses thanks to its cover layer, we still recommend extending that lifespan even further with a full mattress cover.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

The Nectar is a high-quality mattress that will last you longer than most other mattresses, but will you even like it? We suggest heading over to our detailed Nectar mattress review and compare it to other reviews for the best answer! You can also see our current rankings for best mattress to buy online!