How to Choose a Box Spring

What does it do and why is it so important for your sleep on the long-term

So, you’ve scoured the internet for Beds for Sale and finally found the right mattress for you. What’s next? Making sure your new mattress’s life-span is as long is can be – with a box spring. A queen box spring (also known as a divan in certain countries) is essentially a type of bed-base designed to fit queen-sized mattresses. Box springs are of course available in all sizes, so all the information below applies to you regardless of your mattress size. 

Box springs are built out of a strong and sturdy frame (usually wood) that contains cloth-covered springs and sits directly on the floor with the mattress placed on top. Just add-in a bed frame, and a matching mattress cover and you’ve got yourself the complete bed. Box Springs generally come in two heights, starting with the “low profile” at around 5 inches / 13 centimeters and ending with the “high profile” at 9 inches / 23 centimeters.

Putting Mattress on the Floor

You can, but over time, you’re taking some serious risks! First, there’s no way to avoid damaging your mattress when you put it directly on the floor. It’s a shame, because a mattress is no small purchase. Even worse though is the possibility of experiencing pain and discomfort over time. Additionally, boosting the bed’s height will keep you far away and of reach of from various night crawlers you probably want to avoid.

What Does a Box Spring Do

ü  Creates a flat, even and firm foundation for the mattress.

ü  Increases comfort and absorbs shocks.

ü  Increases mattress height for easy bed access.

ü  Boosts the lifetime of your mattress.

In short, the box-spring gives you a lot of a value, especially when you consider the fact that you’ll spend about 33% of your life in bed!

Who Needs a Queen Box Spring

Since queen beds are the most popular in the world, you’re most likely looking for a queen box spring that perfectly matches your mattress. It’s very important, because without proper foundation, there’s a chance that your mattress will sink in certain areas and slowly become less comfortable over time. Worse, you’ll be losing valuable support in key areas, meaning that you may risk pain and discomfort down the road without a box spring.