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Layla Review

The Company

The Layla mattress company was founded in 2015 as an online mattress company. They do not currently have any physical store locations. Although they are fairly new to the market, they have already received several distinguished awards including “Best Memory Foam Mattresses 2018” from Forbes, “Best Mattress Brands 2018” from Sleep Advisor, and “Best Mattresses You Can Buy Online” from Good Housekeeping. So far, customer satisfaction has been fairly high and Layla certainly put in a great deal of though and effort into maintaining that satisfaction.

What's unique

The Layla mattress offers a distinct feature in its flippable firmness, allowing customers double the options in a single purchase. They specially designed their mattress to have one soft side and one firm side, with full support throughout. Layla also use copper infused memory foam, which regulates temperature, provides maximal support for deep compression without compromising softness and comfort, and has antimicrobial properties which ensures you won’t end up with a smelly, disintegrating mattress but rather hold on to the same great quality you signed up for. In fact, Layla are willing to go so far as to guarantee that quality with a lifetime warranty, a feature offered by few companies.

Best Mattress for Back Pain

The Mattress

The Layla mattress is made up of four layers with distinct purposes. The first layer is 3 inches of copper infused memory foam which regulates heat and provides support for deep compression areas. This layer is also adjusted for those who prefer a softer mattress. The second layer is 2 inches of convoluted support foam which is what allows for airflow. The third layer is made up of a 4.5-inch base support foam which provides the core support for the mattress. Finally, the fourth layer is an inch of copper infused memory foam that serves as the firm side of the mattress for those who prefer it.


  • Copper memory foam mattress
  • Dual-sided Flippable Design With Soft And Firm Sides
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Free Shipping and Returns


  • Weak Edge Support
  • Mandatory Two-week Trial Period
  • Fairly New Company So Mattress Life-span Unknown

Shipping, Returns, and Warranty

Layla will have your mattress delivered right to your door and for free anywhere in the US except for Hawaii and Alaska, where a flat fee of 100$ is charged. They will also deliver to Canada for just 125$.  Since each mattress is made to order it will take about 2-3 days to manufacture your order, and an additional 2-5 days for delivery.

Layla offer a full refund if for any reason you decide you are dissatisfied with your mattress. The return process is made even easier for you as Layla donate all returned mattresses to charity and they will arrange to have your mattress picked up at your home, meaning you have no return fees and get a full refund. Layla are one of the few companies on the market who offer a lifetime warranty, so you can always know your purchase is safe.