Memory Foam- What’s All the Hype?

Is a Memory Foam Mattress Good for You

It’s one of the marvels of modern bedding, but today’s huge selection means that choosing the right mattress could be tricky. Let’s give you a hand with that!

What’s So Special About Memory Foam

It’s a foam made out of viscoelastic polymers that have the ability to “remember” their former position. This means that we’re dealing with a material that once it’s shaped in a certain way by applying pressure and heat from your body, it locks in to this new form. Now, it has the natural tendency to return to this form due to the inherent properties of the polymer. This means that your mattress will be uniquely suited to you – and only you, giving you the level of comfort that you’re used to, reliably every night. If that’s not enough, it offers exceptional benefits if you happen to suffer from back pain 

          Remembers the natural curve of your body

          Reduces pain and discomfort

          Huge variety and great pricing

Tips for Buying a Memory Foam Mattress


There are a number of considerations you need to take into account. First, you should know that this type of foam can be used in many ways, with some mattresses fully made of it, while others use a hybrid of materials to offer additional features or benefits. Furthermore, there are differences between different models and manufacturers, with significant implications for price, delivery, trial periods and warranty, which are a big deal now that most shopping is done online.

          Choose the right combination mattress

          Choose a reputable manufacturer

          Consider delivery type and charge, trial periods and warranty

Show Me Today’s Top Memory Foam Mattress Makers!

1. Nectar – Nectar’s gel-based solution is among the best in the entire business, giving you excellent comfort and shape memory, especially at its competitive pricing (see review). The Gel-infused foam fits in as the center layer in Nectar’s 5-layer design, balancing out the bottom high-density core and the top quilted gel and cooling cover. This means that you get to stay extra comfy while taking advantage of great temperature regulation.

          Forever warranty.

          1-Yr trial period

          Free shipping (and returns!)

Visit Nectar

2. Dream Cloud – Dream Cloud delivers a more high-end sleeping experience that had us very impressed in our review. Its 8-layer build is fused with 3 unique layers of memory foam, each placed at different levels to ensure that the premium price tag is well-worth the cost.

          Life-long warranty

          1-Yr trial period

          Free white-glove shipping (and returns!)

Visit Dream Cloud

3. Layla – Layla offers one of the most talked-about mattresses today, and we noticed. It garnered awards from Forbes, Sleep Advisor and Good Housekeeping for its exceptional use of memory foam. The best part is the “flappable firmness”, allowing you choose a firmer or softer sleeping experience. However, Layla doesn’t offer a long trial period.

          Lifetime warranty

          2 mattresses in 1: Choose your firmness by flipping

          2-week trial period

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