Memory Foam- What’s All the Hype?

So basically, if you’re a person who sleeps you probably heard of memory foam mattress in some form or another. You may even have a memory foam mattress in your home, as many people do these days. However, you may also not be sure what the fuss is all about and what it actually means that your mattress is memory foam so here is a quick clarification.

Memory foam is a substance that was originally designed by NASA. The basic idea is that it molds to your body when you lie down, and evenly distributes your weight. This gives a feeling of support and comfort, and it also relieves  a lot of pressure from usually sore areas like shoulders and hips.

It is important to note! Not all memory foams are equal. Every company that sells you memory foam usually creates their own proprietary version of it. Some are really great, and some not so much so don’t just let the words “memory foam” sum it up for you. So, what should you look for?

 One factor is density. This is how much the memory foam weighs essentially, but it has a direct effect on your comfort. Typically, the higher the density the more expensive but look out for mattresses with a density that is too low.

Next, look for the seal of approval. Some foams can contain pretty serious toxins or chemicals, so it is very important to make sure that they have been approved by serious and credible organizations that you trust.

Another important point to look out for is that you wouldn’t want a mattress that is 100% memory foam because it would be much too soft and lacking support. Memory foam will almost always be paired with a second, more supportive material and check into what that is. 

Finally, who are memory foam mattresses right for? They can be great for all sleepers who enjoy a softer feel, but they are especially great for side sleepers who often have problems with firmer mattresses and need some pressure relief.