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Nectar Review

The Nectar Full Review

Nectar fearlessly introduced what they termed the “the most comfortable mattress” in the face of a relatively saturated market and it payed off. Within a year, the company has sold over 50,000 mattresses and made over $35 Million in revenue proving that they have managed to meet a market need. All this while maintaining one of the more affordable price ranges for a high-quality product.

What's unique

Nectar mission statement is to create the most comfortable mattress. In their desire to truly provide the full experience, they addressed all possible factors in creating their mattress. They are involved in every step of the manufacturing, opting to cut costs for the customer by eliminating the middle man rather than by sacrificing quality. They’ve even gone so far as to create bed bug resistant materials to truly eliminate any customer concerns. Their website offers customers an all-encompassing experience. They only sell one mattress, but they have a host of supplementary products available such as pillows, sheets, foundations, and frames. In addition to this, they offer a variety of helpful tools on their website to assist you such as a sleep calculator, a mattress size guide, and even their “Better sleep” eBook.

Nectar Mattress

The Nectar memory foam mattress is comprised of 5 unique layers that come together to create a mattress that is comfortable and supportive for life. The first layer is the Tencel cooling cover. The cover’s quilted design and material help with breathability and to keep things cool and is even bedbug resistant. The second layer is quilted gel memory foam which contours to the sleeper’s body. The quilting allows for superior breathability and support. The third layer is a gel memory foam which helps with even weight distribution and added support. The fourth layer is the adaptive hi core memory foam. This unique feature is what assures your mattress’ bounciness rebounding capabilities. Finally, the fifth layer is the breathable base layer, specially designed to be extra dense and yet also extremely breathable which assists in supporting the other layers and maintaining their quality for the many years of comfort that Nectar guarantee.

John M. - Stillwater, MN
John M. - Stillwater, MN
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This is the most comfortable memory foam bed my wife and I have ever slept on. It's firm, but plush. The edges do not give in when sitting on the edge. The bed stays cool throughout the night. It had no smell even the first night we slept in it. It has a lifetime warranty, and we will have it for the rest of our lives! 5++++ rating!
Stanley W. - Crossville, TN
Stanley W. - Crossville, TN
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This mattress is soft yet surprisingly firm, price is great too. We compared online mattresses and ultimately decided on the Nectar due to the 365 night trial and strong warranty. The mattress arrived as described and the bag with handles was a nice feature as it was king and we needed to carry it up a flight of stairs.
Kim M. - Seattle, WA
Kim M. - Seattle, WA
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Finally a mattress that works for both me and my husband. I am eight months pregnant and Nectar provided the best nights sleep I’ve had. My husband who is a side sleeper also loves the mattress.


  • Forever Warranty
  • 365 night-trial
  • Free shipping and returns


  • On the heavy side
  • White glove delivery charge
  • Weaker edge support