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Casper Mattresses Review​

Casper have created a very respected and well-known name for themselves in the industry. The company have won many awards, including “One of the 25 best inventions of 2015” by Time and “2018 Lab Pick” by Good Housekeeping. They have also teamed up with American Airlines to create a sleep line that will deliver the comforts of the Casper sleep from home to the cabin. Read More

Nectar Review

Nectar fearlessly introduced what they termed the “the most comfortable mattress” in the face of a relatively saturated market and it payed off. Within a year, the company has sold over 50,000 mattresses and made over $35 Million in revenue proving that they have managed to meet a market need. All this while maintaining one of the more affordable price ranges for a high-quality product.

aslan mattress

Aslan Mattress Review

Aslan mattress is no stranger to the online mattress industry. Their owner was designing mattresses for online sale since 2006, before we had iPhones! Hard to imagine life before iPhones, right?! With over a decade of experience and mattress development Aslan was founded for one purpose – to offer the most comfortable, durable mattress at the best price possible.

Purple Mattress Review

Purple was founded in 1989 by two brothers who specialized in advanced aerospace materials and manufacturing design and started out as a wheelchair company. Over time, they evolved to creating cushioning, which is how they developed their patented Hyper-Elastic Polymer and after a lot of success went on to apply their patents to full mattresses, something that had never been achieved before at affordable pricing. Through many years of experience and a scientific approach they have amassed a product catalogue geared at comfort that includes mattresses, pillows, sheets, and bedframes among others, making them a one-stop-shop for comfort.

Airweave Review​

Airweave was created by Motokuni Takaoka when he took over his uncle’s fishing line company. So how does one go from that to creating one of the leading mattresses in the industry? Takaoka employed his engineering background and discovered he could use the resin fiber in fishing lines to revolutionize sleep products and has been doing exactly that since 2007.

Saatva Review

Saatva is a company that very much operate from a clear philosophy of providing luxury for less. One way they do this is by being strictly an online-only mattress company, thus eliminating overhead costs that are often paid for in the consumer’s bottom line. Founded in 2010, they have used their many years of experience to become one of the largest online mattress companies with many happy customers. Saatva are also very committed to the environment and put an emphasis on using certifiably green products as much as possible. Read More

Ghostbed Review

The GhostBed was created by Marc Werner, after experiencing the need for a perfect mattress first hand as a result of 3 neck surgeries and painful sleep. Werner is part of 5 generations of innovation and excellence in the Werner company, that started out with a ladder company and quickly rose to the top. He applied that same philosophy to creating the ultimate mattress and in 2015 launched the direct to customer GhostBed after amassing years of mattress design expertise. Read More

Layla Review

The Layla mattress company was founded in 2015 as an online mattress company. They do not currently have any physical store locations. Although they are fairly new to the market, they have already received several distinguished awards including “Best Memory Foam Mattresses 2018” from Forbes, “Best Mattress Brands 2018” from Sleep Advisor, and “Best Mattresses You Can Buy Online” from Good Housekeeping. So far, customer satisfaction has been fairly high and Layla certainly put in a great deal of though and effort into maintaining that satisfaction. Read More

Keetsa Review

Keetsa is a California based company with showrooms in San Francisco, Berkley, Los Angeles, and New York. In addition to this, however, they also have a very strong online presence and client base. A lot of their focus is on taking the mattress and sleep technology market “green” and have established a name for themselves over the last decade as leaders in that respect, performing extensive tests and developing new eco-friendly substitutions all the time. Read More

Dream Cloud Review

DreamCloud is a sister company to the well known and respected Nectar. This is the company’s answer to customers looking for the high-end experience without paying the Rockefeller price tag. The DreamCloud mattress has received rave reviews, and frankly, even if it hadn’t, DreamCloud eliminate the risk factors of online shopping with their 365-night trial and everlong warranty. Between the many positive customer reviews, the high quality materials, the scientific approach to comfort, and the excellent shipping, return, and warranty conditions, there really isn’t a downside to going for this mattress if it looks like the right fit for you. Read More

Nest Bedding Review

Nest Bedding were founded in 2011 and have made their name based on their eco-friendly products, excellent customer service, and a focus on affordable, American-made products. The family owned, factory direct company has locations across the US in addition to the online purchasing options. Read more