Why Mattress Cover Is Important

Mattress's Cover

They do more for you than you’ve ever imagined

Mattress covers are pretty straightforward – It’s a thin cover that’s placed on or around the mattress (and to answer a common question – no, it’s not the same as a mattress topper. So why are covers so important? 

Fighting for Your Health

Over time, your mattress may accumulate dirt and bacteria that eventually result in what some experts call a “Zoological Park”, and it could have an impact on our health. Through the years, debris will build up in your mattress, particularly in the interior part. At the same time, your body regularly releases cells in a process call “desquamation”, which will be released on your sheets and later absorbed into the mattress. This is when bacteria have all the right conditions to proliferate, and it could have negative consequences on your health if left unchecked.

Cover Yourself

They used to be cumbersome and uncomfortable, but today, covers are nearly invisible and often times improve your comfort significantly, let alone assist your long-term health. This is doubly true for those suffering from allergies or chronic disease/back pain, who are far more sensitive to this type of prolonged exposure. If pain is an ongoing issue for you, we recommend choosing the best mattress for back pain  to go along with your mattress cover for the best results.

Covers are a Good Long-term Investment

Until recently, mattress covers were made out of a shiny plastic, resulting in a sleeping experience that wasn’t particularly attractive to some sleepers. However, today they are made of futuristic materials that you can barely feel, giving you some peace of mind to go with your sleep, for years. Speaking of which, a mattress protector is a great way to increase the life-span of your mattress by 5-10 years, making it a “must” in our book, especially when you consider that the cover’s cost is a fraction of what a mattress costs. This applies to every type of mattress, including a Memory Foam Mattress [LINK Memory Foam article], which may accumulate even more dirt than regular mattresses under certain conditions.

Conclusion: A Mattress Cover Is Essential

  • Fights the build-up of bacteria, mites, dust and allergens.
  • Doesn’t compromise on comfort.
  • Increases the life-span of your mattress by 5-10 years.
  • A cost-effective way to protect yourself and your mattress.
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